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John Jett

My journey to pursue my music career began at the age of  12 when my grandparents bought me my first drum set. Music came naturally to me and I quickly taught myself to play guitar and bass in addition to drums.


By the time I was 13 years old, I started playing live music in bars. Eventually I became well known in the Columbia music scene and my small bar shows grew into much bigger shows. I performed for large festivals and even opened for some of my favorite bands.


At 21 years old, I established my own music studio where I would teach music lessons for bass, drums, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar. Music and entrepreneurship had officially become my full time career!

I had the desire to create something more that would stand out from all the rest, so that's when I began experimenting even further with my musical abilities.


I created a show unlike any other in the upstate where I loop drums, guitar, and vocal effects to form a one-man-band. I quickly became renowned for my unique performance and my Friday night shows became the biggest party in Greenville every single week.


Fast forward to today, Tallison and I are 8 years into our happy marriage and we are the proud parents of two awesome, beautiful kids. I've had quite a bit of experience in the music industry over the years and I continue to perform for a number of events year round, but have turned my focus toward weddings and large events.


My one-man-band performance is what has shaped my music career into what it is today: John Jett Live, An All-Inclusive Entertainment Solution.


Music is an art, but entertainment has always been my passion. Entertainment requires more than the art of music, it demands passion and personality. I enjoy being the reason people dance, sing and have the time of their lives. I appreciate the attention to detail and flow associated with a large event. I take pride in the collaboration experiences I get to be a part of while working with coordinators, directors, photographers, etc that are dedicated to capturing the desires of your heart to create your special one-of-a-kind event.


I crave the surge of adrenaline knowing that every element of an event like yours is a production and we only get one shot at making it a piece of cake. (see what I did there?)

My mission is to remedy all the hassle associated with planning entertainment for events. It should be simple and that's why I'm here. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, concerns, or if you need any suggestions. You don't have to pay extra for my knowledge or my help. I look forward to speaking with you soon!


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