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One-Man Band

/ˌwən ˈman ˈband/


noun: one-man band; plural noun: one-man bands

  1. a street entertainer who plays several instruments at the same time.




noun: DJ; plural noun: DJs

  1. a person who introduces and plays recorded popular music on radio.




noun: MC; plural noun: MCs​

  1. short for master of ceremonies.

  2. a person who provides entertainment at a club or party by instructing the DJ and performing.

an all inclusive entertainment solution

Choosing your special event's entertainment can be a very confusing and daunting experience. This is why I have made it my mission to simplify the process by creating an all-inclusive entertainment solution.

For one transparent price, from one source, every entertainment aspect of your event is included. This makes planning your event easier, more organized, and more reliable so that you can have more fun!

What's Next?

Connect with John today to decide if an

All Inclusive Entertainment Solution is right for you! 

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